Friday, January 14, 2011

Review of Green Zone

Sergeant Roy Miller discovers covert intel that proves to be faulty upon further investigation of the white house material. When he visits a nuclear safe house for the Iraq army, but when they landed in the factory they discovered it was a toilet factory. When Miller asked questions he was shot down instantly by the higher ranking officers and white house officials.

The Graphics
The graphics in the film aren't used all that much because a lot of it is done with stunt men and pyrotechnics and fake bullets. All of the guns however are very real and military replica or military issue that fires blanks from the clips. The night vision and GPS tracking is something to see though.

Roy Miller questions white house intel after there latest raids on the supposed nuclear housing facilities and "rolling a donut", as Miller puts it. Later it is discovered that the reporter that had published articles from a false source report that was done up by a white house official. Miller eventually rights a report exposing the truth behind the Iraq WMD projects and sends his report to every major news company in the world.

Film Details
Country: France/USA/Spain/UK
Language: English, Arabic
Release Date: March 12, 2010

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