Friday, January 14, 2011

Review of Constantine

Few are born with the gift of supernatural sight, John Constantine, a detective, was one of these people. After failing in his first life, he tries to buy back his way into heaven by literally fighting the forces that besiege his forsaken soul. One particular demon, the son of Satan in the movie, gives Constantine the ultimate test in endurance and moral understanding.

The Graphics
Much of this movie is done with CGI or computer generated back drops and action sequences. For instance the melting skin of the half breeds in the ending battle with Gabrial. The corpses transforming into ash unpon death. The most descriptive and imaginative portion of the movie was the trip to hell he takes to find evidence/traces of the sister. The concept they portray is a post apocalyptic world were everyone is a demon of some form.

The Plot
In his previous life John Constantine is a suicide angle, meaning he is destined for hell regardless of his doing in the second life that was granted to him, in turn for doing a little moral work. The alternate main character, Angela Dodson, has a twin sister that commits suicide but Angela refuses to believe her and persuades Constantine to help find the truth about her sisters death.

Film Details
Country: USA/Germany
Language: English, Spanish, Filipino
Release Date: February 18, 2005

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