Friday, January 14, 2011

Review of Childeren of Men

Children of Men is an apocalypse movie, it is about all the women on the planet no longer being fertile and able to produce human life.  Theo, the main character, is contacted by an old friend and the "human project", a group of rebels trying to help for the common good.  After contacted and being abducted by the human project they propose an offer to him to escort the last pregnant women across state line, which has insurmountable consequences for the rebel forces.

The Graphics
A lot of special effects are used, stuntmen, small scale structure, artificial war zone, etc. Complete computer generated scenes are not typically used in movies such as these unless they deal with outrageous backdrops or something of the sort. The combat scenes are very well put together and orchestrated. Just about all the weapons in the movie are for show but it accurately displays the creativeness of Hollywood.

Theo is hired by the "Human Project" to deliver the last known pregnant women to a safe zone. He uses a number of contacts as well as an old friend who supplies bud to the local enforcement force that controls the rebel prison camps. In the end he comes in contact with a local that give him and the girl a boat to meet the human project on.

Film Details
Country: USA/UK
Language: English, German, Italian
Release Date: January 5, 2007

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